Supernova Creative Management

Born and raised in a small mining town, Rusty fell in love with the fashion industry after interning at ELLE SA and has actively pursued fashion editing and styling expertise to provide a complete and skilled approach to all assignments.
Rusty is meticulous, prepared for anything, has a unique sense of thinking, and is equipped with an award winning personality. He prides himself in his love of people and never-ending inspiration. His professionalism has acquired him much praise within the men’s SA fashion industry and makes him an asset on any set.
Rusty has quickly become known as a force in men’s fashion. His career has been shaped by working with some of the most prestigious and respected Editors and Fashion Directors in South Africa. He is a multi-platform creative who has worked for key fashion and e-commerce platforms such as ELLE, 36Man, Style36 and
He recently left his position as Fashion Editor at to join SNCM as a full-time freelance fashion stylist.