Supernova Creative Management

Returning home for the season from an influential role as global head of creative & visual merchandising of the largest value fashion brand in the Middle East, North Africa, India & South-East Asia. – Justin Jurd has left an indelible mark on each of these disciplines through his almost avaricious appetite towards the creative process. 
Editor of the largest retailer in South Africa's men's magazine and style editor of a popular lifestyle magazine, Justin is an international creative aficionado with a vast amount of knowledge and experience in visual merchandising & retail content development. He has added his individual international flair and auspicious eye to some of the most challenging and critically acclaimed productions to emerge from this often under rated creative hub. 

Justin’s clients are as varied as his capabilities, his friendly personality, attention to detail and strict professionalism has helped him develop strong and stable relationships in various markets throughout the world. 

Past experience:

Global Head of Creative & Visual Merchandising April 2013- June 2018

Creative Direction

Brand - re-branded Max recently

Content Development

Visual Merchandising

Brand Communication