Supernova Creative Management

Althea’s foray into styling began in the UK over 15 years ago. There, she studied fashion at Central Saint Martins and went on to work in retail and fashion styling. Upon her return to Cape Town, she assumed the role of fashion editor at one of South Africa’s leading magazine publications. Since then, she’s gone on to work on major fashion editorials, ad campaigns, music videos, fashion shows, as well as with various high-profile international and local celebrities. Over the years, she’s partnered with clients, assisting them in their personal styling and teaching them how to use style as a confidence booster and vehicle for self-expression.

She often takes a more natural approach to styling, focusing on the details and the overall feel of the project. Her extensive understanding of colour, culture and individual and brand identity makes her highly adaptable as a stylist and attuned to the needs of the client. This, coupled with her resourcefulness and consistency make her an asset on any set and a pleasure to work with.    

Client list includes:

Citroen I Chevrolet I Chaussea I Kia I Nivea I Toyota I Visa