Supernova Creative Management

Wande Lamprecht’s journey to the fashion world began when she studied clothing management at Cape Technikon doing her degree for 4 years. At the age of 19 she started her own shoe and bag company which became the supplier to many of South Africa’s leading fashion retailers she carried on with this till about 7 years ago where her passion for styling took over and she decided to take the step to style full time.

Wande has always had an intense love affair with couture styling and interiors and always felt that the setting and the background of a shoot influences the clothes that are worn like creating the ultimate fantasy world. She definitely epitomizes style it’s like the day she was born the ‘style wand’ was waved over her. She has a very natural gift teamed with a beautiful personality which makes her the great stylist that she is.

Recent international commissions include: 

Apple, BMW, BBC, Enamor, KIA, NIKON, Olmega Tequila, Philips, Sacoor, Samsung, Swims, Schweppes, 360 Mall, Walder, VW