Supernova Creative Management

My name is Caroline McClelland, or Linus, as my friends and family know me.

I grew up in Cape Town in the 80’s and wanted to be a painter. So I decided to study BAFine Arts at UCT.  This is where I was introduced to photography. Little did I know how valuable and enriching a BAFA Degree would be in my life, during a massive shift into a digital age.  My drawing and painting background still serve me well in Photoshop. I love it as much now, in a digital form, as I did then, getting my hands dirty with paint and conte crayons.

I always say Photography chose me. It was whilst I was learning about painting that I started getting commissions to photograph people.  People wanted and needed to be photographed. Painting took a back seat as the instantaneous and social nature of the medium led me to a career of photographing people.  

My interests being wide I love the variety photography has afforded me. Advertising, portraiture and fashion, anything human has a story to tell and I love sinking into that story.  I find it very easy swapping between genres and emerging myself into the different approaches that each requires.  It is hard to say what I love most, as it is emerging myself into the different scenarios that stimulated me, and leave me wanting more. 

So much so that video is my next natural progression. 

Watch this space :-)