Supernova Creative Management

As former head makeup artist, makeup trainer and makeup stock manager at PMU Professional Makeup (online makeup store and makeup school), Michelle was closely involved with the product range and student education, but what really strengthened her capabilities, knowledge and experience as an artist, was working with the public - helping individuals from all walks of life with everyday makeup struggles, and offering advice in achieving their desired makeup goals. In addition to her training for her Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry, these elements formed a strong and solid foundation for her artistic career path.

It is easiest to work on perfect model faces, who are often blessed with perfect features and skin conditions. But, as an artist who works with the public, one is often faced with challenging requests, features, insecurities and skin conditions that require a high level of knowledge and understanding pertaining products, features and conditions to skilfully execute corrective techniques successfully to be suited to each and every individual face. With South Africa’s diverse population, Michelle also mastered working on any skin tone.

By sharing her knowledge and skills of the power of makeup art, Michelle has helped boost confidence and empower individuals, which in turn has been liberating and empowering to her own growth.

Her approach and style to natural beauty can always be recognised through her contribution and collaboration on projects/jobs, always keeping the overall feeling one that is fresh, timeless ,yet adaptable; an extension of the individual, enhancing features rather than hiding them.

“Makeup should always look like an extension of the character that is being portrayed; no matter how simple or bold a look is required to be, the use of the combination of colour, texture and techniques should make the end result look like elements that have always naturally existed. That is what sets a makeup application apart from makeup ARTISTRY.” - Michelle Moolman

Since taking on a full time freelancing career path, Michelle has also adopted hairstyling as an added skill, service and passion offered alongside her first love - makeup artistry.

In addition to graduating with a Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry at PMU Professional Makeup under Joy Terri, she also completed an international fashion industry makeup course, Mastered: Makeup led by the world renowned Val Garland.