Supernova Creative Management

Leanie has recently acquired a Bachelors degree in Product Design from the prestigious Gerrit Rietveld Kunst Academie in Amsterdam. Before deciding to study, she had a very fruitful 8 year career as a Stylist and Set Designer for both the Film- and Stills Industry here in South Africa and abroad.

Most recently she has been working as the Creative Director of an in-house Design and Photography agency, this was satisfying, but she missed the hands on approach of set life. This desire is what brings her back onto the scene. She has never left completely and continued through directing Photo shoots, Commercials and Fashion Films.

Her Fashion career started in Milan where she worked as a Fashion Editor at the age of 19 and has never strayed far from it, whether it is thought provoking commentary in her Art or working as a Stylist. Her true passion lies in Art and Design, she would like to one day have her art career merge with her commercial career and become known for the crazy sets or windows displays she plans to design.

She is fun, wildly creative and armed with a “get-shit-done” attitude.