Supernova Creative Management

Melissa began her studies straight after school first studying Health and Skin care at the Isa Carstens Academy taking top of her class for two years. From skin care she found her passion in make–up and the beauty aspects of the industry. Melissa then decided to enroll in a make-up course at Professional Make-up School where she has proved herself not only exceptionally gifted yet meticulously professional, but also skilled well beyond her years. She has worked with celebrities across all genres both locally as well as abroad. Her dream is to help people achieve their full style potential by showing them how to capture and capitalize on their assets to highlight their individual beauty. Melissa van Zyl is as passionate about her career as a professional make-up artist in the glitzy and often trying world of the fashion and TV commercial/advertising industry as she is vivacious and excited about life. In the space of a very short time she has accomplished what other make-up artists can only hope to achieve in years.